Roanoke Triple Crown

The Roanoke Triple Crown challenge will return in 2016! This is exciting addition shows who the most dedicated runners in the valley are by rewarding those that finish three marathons/half marathon within a year with some serious bling! See the rules and guidelines below…

2016 Roanoke Triple Crown Medal Design
  1. The Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Half Marathon (or full)- April 16, 2016
  2. The Race 13.1 Half Marathon– June 18, 2016
  3. The Star City Half Marathon– November 19, 2016

Participants who register for all three races will of course get serious bragging rights, but will also be awarded with a unique triple crown medal (image above).

Participants must register for each race individually to be eligible for the Triple Crown medal. Registering for one race does not automatically register you for the other races. If you have registered for all three races by the time registration closes for Race 13.1 and Blue Ridge and by October 17 for Star City, you will automatically be registered to receive the Roanoke Triple Crown medal. Medals will be distributed at the awards ceremony for the Star City Half Marathon on November 19.

Roanoke Triple Crown Rules and Regulations:

  1. You must use the same email address to register for all three races
  2. You may register for Race 13.1 and Blue Ridge Marathon (or half) at any time as long as registration is open, but you must register for the Star City Half Marathon by October 17 to be eligible for the medal.
  3. You must be present on Nov. 19th to pick up the Roanoke Triple Crown Medal. Medals will not be mailed.