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April 18, 2020

Roanoke Triple Crown Challenge 2017

The Roanoke Triple Crown Challenge is back once again for 2017!  This challenge requires participants to complete the following races within one calendar year to earning bragging rights for life, as well as this awesome medal. Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon (or half) on April 22 Race 13.1 Roanoke, VA on June 17 Star City Half […]

Blue Ridge Double Is Now Official

Shared from There’s a small group of runners that’s been running the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon twice on race day. They start around 2 a.m. and run a full marathon, take a quick break at the start line, and then run a “second lap” with the rest of the runners. This year, they […]

Everyone is Excited About the Carilion Children’s Family 1 Miler

Shared from  Start a lifelong love of running with your kids as they cross the finish line with runners from all over the country in the Carilion Children’s Family-One Miler presented by the YMCA Roanoke. The race starts right after the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon so kids can experience the thrill that comes with […]

Register with your team and earn rewards

Do you belong to a running group and love competing in events with your friends and family? The Blue Ridge Marathon’s Team Benefits Program is a great way to compete together and earn many exclusive benefits. Last year, over 45 teams either traveling or local competed in our races. Having a team racing with you […]

Are you a Running and Social Media Guru?

Once again the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon is looking for bloggers and social media ambassadors of all kinds to spread the word about “America’s Toughest Road Marathon” (we know it’s the best, but it’s better coming from you). Whether you have a popular running blog or website, Instagram, or other social media presence, we […]

TEAM BETSY: Battling Cancer at the Blue Ridge Marathon

For those of us who are runners, we understand the attraction of a challenge. We connect with the idea of pushing the boundaries of what we are capable of as humans. We also know how personal they are, what we define as a “challenge” is different for everyone. It isn’t about achieving the goals that […]

Blue Ridge Marathon Impact Continues to Grow, Tops $3.2 Million Over 7 Years

Report provided by “Roanoke Business News” and the Roanoke Regional Partnership (May 2016)…   DOWNLOAD ECONOMIC IMPACT REPORT 2016 More racers brought more money to the Roanoke Region’s economy during the seventh annual Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon, half marathon, and Anthem Star 10K. “America’s Toughest Road Marathon” hosted 1,844 runners who generated more than […]

Blue Ridge Marathon

The Power to Inspire Award Given to Local Roanoke Runner

This is Marion. As you can see from an ad campaign that was run by the Blue Ridge Marathon this fall, he is pretty tough. On paper Marion Childress fits all the criteria of what makes someone exceptional…war vet, cancer survivor, the fact that he is still running marathons in his 60’s. But once you […]

Blue Ridge Marathon

Become an Official 2016 Blogger!

Once again the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon is looking for bloggers of all kinds to spread the word about “America’s Toughest Road Marathon” (we know it’s the best, but it’s better coming from you). Bloggers don’t have to participate in the full marathon; Anthem Star 10k and Blue Ridge Half Marathon participants are welcome […]

Blue Ridge Marathon

2015/2016 Expo Tour Announced

Foot Levelers and the Blue Ridge Marathon are coming to a city near you! We have selected six races where runners can come and meet the race director or event manager, and pick their brains about “America’s Toughest Road Marathon” face-to-face.  Our bucket list race takes a little courage to register for, and a lot […]

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