Fleet Feet Recovery Zone

Fleet Feet Recovery Zone

Thanks to Fleet Feet Sports Roanoke you will have all your recovery needs met right as you cross the finish line. This isn’t your ordinary finish line either, you will be pampered with complimentary massages from local therapists, ice baths, free access to Trigger Point Therapy foam rollers, and more.

There will even be a recovery expo where your trusted friends at Fleet Feet can offer you advice on nutrition, compression, footwear, and more. See below for details about our ever-growing recovery zone!

Massage Therapists:

Crocus Massage Therapy:  Crocus Massage Therapy is conveniently located in Grandin Village and are dedicated to improving our client’s wellness, movement and education. Join us at the Blue Ridge Marathon finish festival where we will be helping runners improve movement and lessen their pain. Crocus Therapist Meww Gomez specializes in trigger point therapy, deep tissue, and myofascial release.

Shondra Bush from Just Breathe:  Shondra is a Board Certified Massage Therapist, an alumni of Atlanta School of Massage since 2000. Earning an initial certification in Wellness Massage and Spa Therapies allowed for her to serve clients in atmospheres ranging from clinical and corporate offices to high end day spas. She has earned a reputation for thoroughly relaxing, deep massages; tailoring sessions to her clients’ concerns. Her practice is built around providing client centered massage therapy in an approachable environment.

Physical Therapists:

Fleet Feet Roanoke is partnering with area physical therapists to provide the best recovery zone yet! These guys will help you with everything from taping to massage to

Heartland Rehabilitation Services

Heartland provide physical, occupational and speech therapy to Southwest Virginia. On race day they will be providing care for all runners consisting of post-race stretches and cool downs or ASTYM demonstrations for those who meet the criteria. Astym® treatment regenerates soft tissues (muscles, tendons, etc.) and removes unwanted scar tissue that may be causing pain or movement restrictions. Onsite injury assessments will be available for those who may be concerned about an orthopaedic conditions. Heartland’s goal it to keep athletes moving and achieving their goals for race day and beyond.

Onsite Recovery Yoga:  

Please come and join us this April 21st because Runners Love Yoga too!  Mats and instructions provided by Erica Austin. Recovery Yoga will rehab and release tired and sore muscles preventing at the same time injuries  before, during and after the marathon.

Erica Austin is the owner of Healing Love Yoga in Roanoke where she specializes in private yoga sessions specifically tailored to your needs. She also teaches group classes, such as Yoga for Athletes, and workshops at Uttara Yoga Studio as well as several other fitness centers in the Roanoke Valley.   Her journey to heal her body,  losing over 100 lbs thus far naturally,  along with a strong desire to heal others has completely transformed her life.  She will be providing complimentary yoga stretching prior to the race as well as at the Recovery Zone afterward.   Feel free to come and go as you wish.  Requests are always welcomed!

Recovery Expo Vendors:

Trigger Point Therapy: Come roll out your legs and feel better fast with Trigger Point’s signature GRID foam rollers. These unique therapy tools offer soft & deep tissue massages that can alleviate pain caused by IT Band Syndrome, Plantar Faciitis, sore quads & hamstrings, sore back, shin splints, tight achilles and more! So come get rolled out with Fleet Feet, you’re gonna need it.

CEP CompressionCEP Compression: Every muscle cell in the body needs energy in the form of oxygen. This is transported to the muscles via the blood. The better the blood flow in the body, the better the muscles are supplied with oxygen and nutrients. This function can be positively influenced with target graduate compression.